Transfer Domain

Single domain transfer


Things to remember...

- If there is a fee to pay for a transfer in, then this means it will be renewed for another 12 months on it's arrival
- UK domains are free to transfer and as a consequence will not be renewed when they are successfully transferred
- UK Domains do not require an EPP/Authorisation code to be transferred


FOR TLDs (.com, .net, .org etc)

Before you start, this is in no way a complete guide as it would be impossible to give all the relevant details for each and every registrar around the internet so we will just try to give you a basic guide of the methodology and try to explain how it works.

  • You must ensure that the current administration contact email address assigned to the domain name (usually the email address you used to register the domain name in the first place) is valid and that the person receiving email at that address knows that they must respond to emails about the transfer
  • You will need to make sure any privacy on the domain is removed
  • The domain name must also be unlocked with the current registrar
  • You will also need to request your authorisation code (if you have no access to it) as you'll need this to verify the transfer

That is all done, what do I do next?

  • Once the steps above are complete, enter the domain name that you want to transfer on the sign up page, follow through to checkout selecting any relevant packages or add-ons along the way.
  • The administration contact will receive an email from us with a link to confirm the transfer.
  • Once confirmed it can take only 24 HOURS to become active if you are transferring from some registrars (eg : GoDaddy because you are able to push the domain through from GoDaddy to us). With other providers it may take up to seven days.
  • You may also receive another email from the current registrar, if you do you should read this very carefully as it may contain instructions for you to authorise the transfer away from them.


Easily transfer your. uk domain (,, and .uk) using the simple three-step process:-

  • Change the IPS TAG of your domain to ECOHOSTING. If you require any assistance with doing this, you'll need to contact your existing domain registrar - most larger ISPs will allow you to do this via their control panels, and some may charge.
  • Use the form above and enter the domain name into the box and add to cart. Follow through to checkout at zero cost.
  • Await the email from Eco Hosting to confirm your domain has been transferred. Alternatively, log into your account to verify that your domain has transferred.


I bought a domain from another ISP or Domain Registrar - how can I host my website with you?

  • Choose the product you require and when it asks for a domain name, enter the domain name into the box that says "I'll keep my domain with another provider and change the nameservers"
  • Follow through to checkout.
  • Log into the control panel of the registrar where the domain is held and change the nameservers to the nameservers shown in your New Account Information email