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7 Dec 2018

A critical vulnerability in the WordPress WordPress Kiwi Social Sharing plugin <2.0.11  is currently being exploited since December 6th. Similarly to the WP GDPR Compliance vulnerability, it allows attackers to modify the WordPress wp_options table in order to create administrator accounts or, for instance, redirect the blog to another website. Although it was fixed on November 12th with...

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6 Dec 2018

For those that have automatic WordPress updates enabled, please make sure you have your sites backed up (including database) as the new version is significantly different to the old and there may be compatibility isses with themes and plugins.

28 Nov 2018

Dear Customer, Emails are currently being sent out to all but they will be staggered so if you've not yet received yours you should shortly and here is a copy for you to read in the meantime. Nobody likes reading these emails and I don't like writing them but on 1st January, the prices we charge for our products and services will increase, well sort of, let me explain.... It's been 10...

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9 Nov 2018

If you are using the WP GDPR Plugin update it immediately.  We've seen this vulnerability appear more frequently since the plugin was removed from the WordPress repository and it will become more frequent if the plugin isn't updated.  If you require any further information you can read it using the link below but update it before you read then look for evidence of any new admin users...

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5 Nov 2018

We've updated our telephone number to 02920 00 33 38.  This will allow all callers to access through one access point and the team member will be able to help regardless of department.

2 Nov 2018

Have you recently received an email with one of your old passwords in the subject line and a request for bitcoin?  It's a new scam. There's a new scam going around the whole world that would terrify most people if it ever landed in their inbox as it looks like it's coming from their own mailbox. The emails are slightly different depending on who's being attacked, but they all have a few...

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31 Oct 2018

We've been made aware of a bug in Chrome that for some may throw a security exception error when users are trying to connect via single sign on from the client area or to the webmail or cPanel logins for example. The SSL certificate is valid and is safe to access but if you have any concerns please use a different browser and let us know  which version of Chrome you're using so we can report...

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3 Feb 2018

If you've received an email from us stating that a 'Support Ticket Not Opened', this can be ignored.  We've fixed email piping at this end so that now if you reply to a ticket response by email it will be piped into your ticket in the admin area.  The only downside to this is that any historical email responses to tickets will have the email 'Support Ticket Not Opened' sent out.  We apologise...

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12 Jan 2018

This morning at about 6.15am we lost connectivity at our DC.  Whilst engineers were quickly on to fixing the issue it wasn't resolved until around 10.15am.  This was only an issue for our admin area which was unavailable meaning that some customers were unable to access their accounts via their normal method (although sites and email were working).  Access to cpanels was not an issue and access...

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4 Dec 2017

Sulfur customers will have noticed a slower than normal service as of 5.30pm 4th December 2017. This is because one of the sites on this cloud is currently under a DDoS attack. The traffic looks to be distributed and we're filtering most of it but its pretty heavy. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and hope to have this back to normal soon. Update : 6.30pm - Resolved